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Be a breathtaking bride!

My top tips…

1. Wear heel protectors such as ‘Starlettos’ so your shoes don’t get stuck in the grass!

2. Once your make-up is done, spray insect repellent on your hands and dab lightly on your face to ensure you’re not doing the fly-wave while trying to say your vows

3. Ask your Groom to keep a handkerchief in his pocket to wipe away any tears. Makes a nicer photo moment than you clutching ratty tissues!

4. If you’re wearing a veil, ensure that it’s very well secured so it doesn’t fly away in windy weather. If the veil covers your face, make sure your lipstick isn’t sticky or a gust of wind could result in a lip-locked veil!

5. In warmer weather, remember insect repellent for arms and bare shoulders. Mozzie-bite-blotches aren’t a great wedding day look!

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